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Before moving forward with the application setup, please make sure that you have a server with Wordpress installed on it. The better the performance of the server the better the application will fetch data and the faster the application will feel to the end user.


Do not try to install your wordpress on a free hosting provider. WooStore Pro requires REST API to communicate with the website and most of the Free Hosting Providers block REST API implementation until you purchase their paid plans.

Some Options#

Below mentioned are some of the options that you can look into. There are a lot of hosting providers which offer Wordpress support. On some providers, you will have to install wordpress yourself ( like on AWS Lightsail - though it's easy ) while others provide built-in or one-click installation of wordpress.

  1. Aws Lightsail

The demo application of WooStore Pro is hosted on Aws Lightsail

If you have a server with wordpress installed on it, you can proceed to the next steps.