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Run Application Locally

There are two preferred ways in which you can run the application locally. You can use the terminal or command prompt or run the application through an editor. The most recommended method is running the application through the editor. We will use Android Studio to run the application.


Please make sure that you have an Android Emulator or an iOS Simulator setup before proceeding.

  • Make sure you have opened the application in android studio.

  • Make sure that you have a virtual device running on your machine on which the application will be installed.

  • Now from the top menu in android studio select Run --> Debug main.dart.

    Run Application in android studio

    If you do not have a device connected then it will show an error that no device is connected.

  • You can check if a device is connected from the Navigation Bar. If you do not see the bar, you can enable it from menu View --> Appearance --> Navigation Bar.

    Run Application in android studio

    You can also select a device from the drop down menu seen on the image above.

  • You application will on the virtual device if you have followed the setup correctly.