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Release Keys Manually

This section will help you to create release keys and hashes for your application manually using a Terminal for macOS or Linux and Command Prompt for windows.


If you have a tools directory in your project's root folder (woostore_pro) then you can follow this Use Tools Script to create your keystore and key hashes with pre-configured scripts.

The tools directory was added to the application package in version v1.5.6.

While setting up your application there are some information that you need to generate based on your specific values. A link to all those are given below.

Create Keystore#

In order to publish your application in Google Play, you need to sign it with an upload key. Follow the link from the heading to create a release keystore for your application manually.

Create SHA-1 Fingerprints#

Your android application created within the firebase account requires you to add debug and release keystores' SHA-1 Fingerprints in order to identify your application. It is also required by Google Login - Android Integration.

Create Key Hashes#

Your android application linked to Facebook Login - Android Integration requires you to add your debug as well as your release keystores' key hashes in order to identify your application for login processes.