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Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

This plugin allows you to add more options for your attribute types for your woocommerce store. With WooStore Pro version v1.11.0 you can use image and color type attributes for your products to show images and colors as variation options to your customers instead of plain text.


  1. Variation Swatches for Woocommerce wordpress plugin installed on your wordpress woocommerce website. See here

  2. WooStore Pro mobile application version v1.11.0 or above.

  3. WooStore Pro Api wordpress plugin version v2.1.0 or above.

How to enable it ?#

By default WooStore Pro version v1.11.0 enables the support for the plugin in the application. However if you are upgrading from an existing version of WooStore Pro application, please follow the Update Guide.

To enable the support for this plugin in your application, you need to edit the enabledVariationSwatchesForWooCommerce flag in woostore_pro / lib / constants / config.dart file.

static const bool enabledVariationSwatchesForWooCommerce = true;