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Product Screen

As of version v2.0.0 you can edit the product screen with the following flags in the config.dart file:

  • productScreenShowShortDescription - To show or hide the short description.

  • productScreenBottomButtonsLayout - To change the bottom buttons layout

    Available option:

    • layout-1

      Product Screen Bottom Buttons Layout 1

    • layout-2

      Product Screen Bottom Buttons Layout 2

    • layout-3

      Product Screen Bottom Buttons Layout 3

As of version v1.7.0 the application gives you multiple layout options for product screen. You can customize the look of the product screen in your application using the productScreenLayout flag in the config.dart file.

The options are:

  • original
  • draggable-sheet
  • expandable

Checkout the layout design and how to change them from the gif below

Product Screen Layouts