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WooCommerce Points and Rewards Support

The application supports WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin and can show total points a user has in the application as well as the points for individual product in the product screen.


All the flags that you see here are defined in the Config.dart file. You can locate this file in woostore_pro / lib / constants / config.dart

Follow the steps below to make the changes to the plugin support in the application.

If you use WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugin you can make the following setting changes to best suit your needs.

  • enablePointsAndRewardsSupport

    This flag will enable or disable the application support for Points and rewards plugin in all places.

  • showPointsListTile

    This flag is used to hide/show the My Points list tile in Account Settings screen

  • showPointsInProductScreen

    This flag is used to show a section in the product screen which will display the number of points that can be earned based on the price of the product. It works with both simple and variable products.