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Multi Vendor Marketplace

With version v1.14.0 you can create your own market place with the support of multi vendor plugins.

  • WooStore Pro application version - v1.14.0
  • WooStore Pro Api wordpress plugin version - v2.2.0

Supported Plugins:#

As of the current latest version only the following plugins are supported:

  1. Dokan
  2. WCFM - You will also need to install WCFM Rest Api wordpress plugin to allow the application to get the store data.
  3. WCMP

Mobile Application Settings:#

You can modify the application's settings for multi vendor support from the file woostore_pro / lib / constants / config.dart.

Below mentioned are the options available to modify the application settings for multi vendor support:

  • productScreenShowVendorTile1: Flag to enable or disable the vendor information display in the product screen.

  • productScreenVendorLayout : Flag to set the layout of the vendor tile in product screen. The available options are:

    • original
    • card
    • withoutBackgroundImage
  • productScreenVendorOriginalLayoutAspectRatio : To change the aspect ratio of the tile when in original layout

Change UI layout for vendor tile#

Check out the gif below to see how you can change the layout of the vendor tile in product details page.

Multi Vendor Layout change